All-around stand up paddle boards (SUP) are popular with people because of the versatility they offer. You can use them for paddling on flat water, surfing and even for doing yoga on water. An all-around SUP is characterized by the full-rounded shape of its nose.

Because of the wide range of options offered by this type of paddle board, characteristics such as profile and width play an important role when choosing which type to use.

Generally, if you are going to use it for flat water cruising, opt for a longer, wider paddle board with a straight rail line and plenty of volume so you can accommodate another person, a kid or a pet to ride along with you. This type of all-around SUP is designed to be stable and to track well even with added load.

For surfing, you may want to opt for something with a narrower profile and a different tail. An SUP for surfing usually measures between 9 to 10 feet long to allow better maneuverability. This size still offers stability for paddling so you can do both.

Here’s a list of the most popular all-around stand up paddle board today:

  1. Tower Adventurer 2

A great paddle board for surfing that can also be used for other recreational paddling, the Tower Adventurer 2 is an upgrade from its popular predecessor, the Tower Adventurer. This all-rounder paddle board features a 10-foot long body with a weight limit of 350 pounds.

It has a grooved anti-slip deck pad to secure your footing and a tri-fin configuration that allows the central fin to be removed if preferred. The board is very stable at 6-inch thick and it also features two D-rings at the front and rear of the board.

The Tower Adventurer 2 is popular due to its well-designed nose that gives the rider more control over the board’s movement on the waves. Like other paddle boards, it comes with a pump, paddle and a carry strap.

  1. Naish Nalu GS Stand Up Paddling Board

This paddle board is quite expensive; however, you will surely get your money’s worth with the quality and performance that this board offers. The Nalu can be used for cruising and riding waves. The Nalu GS line also offers a wide range of board sizes so riders can choose the size that suits them accordingly.

The top and bottom of the board feature a glass matrix with the stance strengthened by wood and the core made with molded closed cell EPS to make it lightweight and resistant from water. The board is designed to give the rider a smooth glide on the water’s surface. It also features a recessed EVA deck pad, full-bodied rails and a tail shaped into a V.

  1. California Board Company (CBC) Stand up Paddle Board

This measures 3.94 x 31.89 x 129.13 incheslong and is made from laminated wood stringers with a waterproof resin as its exterior. For the core construction, this SUP uses high-density, heat-laminated EPS that ensures the board’s durability.

The board weighs approximately 25 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The bottom of the board is made of HD polyethylene that makes it glide onto the water smoothly.

It also features a tri-fin set up for more control over the board. Beginners will surely like this board set because it comes with an adjustable paddle, a board leash, neoprene padded ankle strap and padded roof racks.

  1. Isle Airtech® 10′ All Around Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

This inflatable SUP is great for those looking for a paddle board that can be transported easily, but still feels rigid like the traditional board. The Isle Airtech 10-foot iSUP is made from military-grade Korean drop-stitch construction and designed to look like a surfing board.

It has a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds and features 4 stainless D-rings and bungee cord so you can carry your items securely while paddling. Transporting this inflatable stand up paddle board is easy since you can use the carry handle or the traction pad when holding the board.

Additionally, once deflated, the board can be rolled into the size of a sleeping bag. The board is also complete with accessories like paddle, pump, removable fins and a basic repair kit.

  1. ISLE 10’8 Wood Finish Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board

This classic soft touch paddle board measures 10’8” long and has a thickness of 5”. This board can be used for flat water surfing as well as riding small-sized waves.

Inside this paddle board, wooden stringers ensure its stability as well as the EPS foam core. It features a non-slip deck pad with soft rails and a carry handle, so you can transport it conveniently whenever you want to.

An all-rounder SUP is flexible to use for different types of paddle boarding activities. However, you should be aware that this type of paddle board will not be as good as a specialized board if you intend to use it as one.