If you are looking for an inflatable paddle board that performs just like a hard board, the Atlantis Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board is a great choice.

This paddle board has the rigidity of a hard board that ensures its stability while being portable as well because you can easily inflate and deflate it anytime you want.

Unlike other inflatables that only offer a 4-inch thick board, the Atlantis boast of a 6-inch thickness which is pretty generous, thus allowing an adult to paddle comfortably without worrying about turning over because of the weight.

You can also be assured that this inflatable paddle board will effectively hold up even when used in white water rapids and rocky water environment because of the heavy-duty materials used in constructing the board.

Features of the Atlantis SUP Inflatable Paddle Board

  • Measures 10’6” long, 30 inches wide and thickness of 6 inches
  • Weighs approximately 35 pounds
  • Has a weight capacity limit of up to 400 pounds
  • The package includes a dual-action high pressure pump with gauge, 3 removable fins, a large deck pad, and an adjustable paddle made of aluminum material that can all be stored inside a lightweight backpack
  • The board is made from military-grade drop stitch construction PVC that is also resistant to harsh UV rays that can damage the board


  • The paddle board is great for surfing small waves without worrying about hurting yourself with the board in case it hits your head
  • The triple-fin set up of the paddle board allows you to control its movement in the waves more easily
  • Space-saver. Once deflated, everything can be stored in a bag that approximately measures 1 foot by 3 inches
  • Everything can be easily transported once it deflates, and can be conveniently hauled around because of being lightweight
  • The anti-slip deck pad covers a large surface to keep the rider steady and upright while riding. The deck pad is large enough to comfortably accommodate two riders at once
  • The paddle board is also extremely durable and will be able to take on harsh water conditions and heavy knocks without getting damaged easily
  • You can also upgrade the paddle board by installing a kayak seat using the four steel D-rings at the rear of the deck
  • Has a high capacity weight limit
  • The board is sturdy and thick enough to ensure stability


  • The stock pump can be exhausting to use, especially when you’re trying to get in the last pumps of air into the board
  • The aluminum composition of the paddle is not the greatest nor the most durable which is a disadvantage for some people
  • The paddle board can be a bit heavy to carry around at 35 pounds


The Atlantis SUP Inflatable Paddle Board is a great alternative to hard board if you want to invest into something that is both well-performing and portable.

For beginners, what’s good about the Atlantis is the whole package is complete with everything that you need to start your paddle boarding journey. It also features a myriad of features that you will surely find useful whether you are a beginner or someone with more advanced skills.


The SPORTSSTUFF 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard can be compared with the Atlantis since both of them are inflatable paddle boards and measure 10’30” long. It is also a great all-around equipment for paddle boarding because it comes with an adjustable paddle and a removable seat.

On top of the board, a large anti-slip EVA pad is placed to ensure that your footing is secured whenever you ride with the waves.

The board is quite easy to be carried around by an average person since it only weighs 27 pounds. But don’t let the weight deter you from liking the board, because it has a weight capacity limit of up to 250 pounds.

Other accessories included when you purchase the package are high-pressure hand pump with gauge, a board leash and a mesh backpack to store everything.

The Aqua Marina Monster Stand Up Paddle Board is longer than the Atlantis at 12 foot. It also weighs lighter at 23.8 pounds. The board is 6 inches thick, with a sturdy body made from PVC core materials reinforced by double-wall drop stitch.

The anti-slip EVA deck pad is embossed designed with honeycomb grooves to keep your feet from slipping off. With a maximum weight capacity limit of approximately 352 pounds, this paddle board will allow you to experience the waters with someone else aboard without compromising the performance of the board.


Of the three inflatable paddle boards, the most lightweight of all is the Aqua Marina Monster Stand Up Paddle Board, which makes it the best because it is the easiest to carry around.

You won’t have to worry about the stability and durability because it is lightweight since it is also 6 inches thick. It also lets you bring someone along to enjoy the sport.