Cool looking stand up paddle boards are certainly hard to find, and even if you did find a sleek and stylish looking paddle board, it is either much too expensive or the deal is not right for you. However, if you are looking for an awesome deal having modern looking stand up paddle board with the amazing paddle, you should certainly go for the California Board Company (CBC) Stand Up Paddle Board from Keeper Sports.

This paddle board has all the incredible features that a sports lover wants in a stand up paddle board, and along with that, you can have all this at a very minimal and reasonable price, making it ideal for purchase.

The paddle board has high density EPS foam, the core of the board is 100% waterproof, the paddle length is totally adjustable from 63 inches up to 83 inches for variable length, and the average weight capacity of the board is 300 lbs., which is more than enough. What more can you expect from a stand up paddle board? Moreover, you can purchase it with a 15% discount if you have the discount code or discount coupon with you.Isn’tthat deal amazing?


California Board Company Stand Up Paddle Board has an amazing list of features that you are definitely looking for in any paddle board.

For an amazing and unforgettable boarding experience, the company offers the incredible features listed below in this particular stand up paddle board:

  1. High Density EPS Foam:

The core of the stand up paddle board is made 100% waterproof with a 100% high density and heat laminated polythene bottom so that you can enjoy the boarding experience without any worries. This feature is hard to find, especially in low priced paddle boards.

  1. Stylish Looks:

Some people always focus on the looks aside from everything else and for such people, this paddle board would be a treat. The extremely lush looks of this paddle board attracts every eye so that you can have the mental satisfaction with the board as well.

  1. Available with Surf Leash & Ankle Straps:

The package of this particular deal is incredible, as along with the incredible and stylish looking paddle board, you are provided with a surf leash which is a precision molded fitting, plus the neoprene padded ankle straps for ease of riding and without worrying about injuries from falling over. An excessive blade shield is also available for an increased layer of protection.

  1. Can Hold Up To 300 lbs.:

The board itself weighs 25 lbs. and can easily be carried anywhere you want to go and it can hold the weight of up to 300 lbs., which is quite enough. Such a flexible weight capacity can allow people ranging from different weights to ride the board without difficulty.

  1. Camera Mount:

A camera mount is also available on the paddle board in case you want to capture your trip and all the fun you had on your expedition of the river using the amazing CBC stand up paddle board. This feature is not easily found even with the most expensive models.

The Pros & Cons:

Like any other product, CBC stand up paddle board has also a long list of pros with a few cons making it a complete package. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of this amazing deal:

The Pros:

Below are mentioned some amazing pros that I find in the deal:

  • Highly Laminated Core:The core of the board is made from 100% heat laminated high density waterproof EPS foam so that you can enjoy the best ride of your life with this incredible model from CBS.
  • Best Material: The material used to manufacture the board is the best, as it is made from laminated wood stringers that are multilayered having a waterproof resin to protect it from every side.
  • Perfect Dimensions:For an incredible boarding experience, the board should have ideal dimensions, which are offered by this very product. This paddle board has the dimensions of 126’’ length x 30” width x 5” thickness, making it perfect for unforgettable riding on the river.
  • Fully Secured: The board is available with surf leash and neoprene ankle straps, making it highly secure for riding even for beginners.
  • Adjustable Paddle:The paddle length is totally adjustable, and you can transform it from 63” to 83” in no time, which is its greatest pro, at least to me.

The Cons:

  • Short-Term Warranty: The warranty of the paddle board just covers 30 days, which is quite short. If the product is that good, it should at least cover a year or so for a full protection of the customer’s investment,right?


In the end, I would give a 4 out of 5 star review to California Board Company (CBC) Stand Up Paddle Board, as it is a good money value and covers everything that a paddle boarder needs for an unforgettable boarding experience.