Paddle boarding is one of the most amazing sports to enjoy, especially for the people who are sports lovers. The adventurous ride on the water waves while doing stunts is quite fun and exciting, especially for the people who are seeking adventure.

Choosing the paddle board is often the most hectic and challenging task, as there are tons of stand up paddle board brands out there on the market and people do not know what to look for while making a purchase.

The most essential factors forriding on the paddle boards comfortably for an incredible riding experience are stability and performance.For beginners, it is much more than performance; it is the stability that matters the most.

If you cannot continue to ride the paddle board on the waves, you certainly do not want to try paddle boarding ever again in your life.

So, I have decided to give you a quick guide of different factors to look for while making apurchase of a paddle board, along with the top and most famous stand up paddle board brands so that you know what to look for and where to look for them.

What to Look for When Purchasing of Stand Up Paddle Boards:

The foremost thing that you want with a stand up paddle board is long-lasting stability and better performance. For beginners, stability refers to the time for staying on the board; technically, it is the function of the motion you can perform while standing up on the board and the amount of flotation the stand up paddle board offers in contrast with your body weight.

This means that the length, width, and thickness of the stand up paddle board all comes into consideration while measuring the stability of the paddle boards.

Listed below are some of the factors that you should look for when buying a stand up paddle board:

The Volume of the Stand Up Paddle Board:

Volume equals the product of the length, width, and thickness of the paddle board. Volume matters a lot when considering the stability of the paddle board.

Ideally, for beginners, you should be looking for a paddle board with a volume of 10’6” x 30” x 4” (length x width x thickness). This volume goes for long stability on the water waves and is the best for initial expedition.

Body Weight Vs. Length:

The body weight of the rider and the length of the board both have a deep relation with the stability of the paddle board on the waves. The length of the paddle board should be selected keeping the body weight of the person riding it in mind for an ideal experience and improved stability.

Generally,a paddle board of 9’4” length is designed to carry the weight of up to 130 lbs., and the paddle board that is 10’4”long can easily carry the weight of 180 lbs., while paddle boards having a length of 11’4” can carry 220 lbs. with good stability.

Weight of the Paddle Board:

The weight of the paddle board is also a matter of great consideration when making a purchase. Try to lift the board and consider whether you can easily lift it or not.

If you are having difficulty lifting the board, you are probably going to find it hard to carry the board in the river. If the weight is causing the issue, you can look for smaller versions of the boards.

Can It Fit In Your House?

Stand up paddle boards are usually large in size, so it is important to consider whether it can be easily fitted inside the house or not, or whether your vehicle can carry such a large piece or not.

Top Stand Up Paddle Board Brands:

You know the factors that you should be looking for while making a purchase of a stand up paddle board, but what about the top brands? You are certainly looking for the best brands of paddle boards out there in order to make the most of your purchase.

Listed below are the top brands:

  • Tower Paddle Boards
  • Solstice
  • Keeper Sports
  • ISLE Surf and SUP

These four brands are rated among the top ones for the manufacturing and sale of stand up paddle boards, so if you are looking for the best models, do not forget to check their products on Amazon.