If you are looking for an amazing, professional quality stand up paddle board, then you should look no further as the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP Package has every incredible feature that you are seeking.

From the extremely rigid body to the most durable material, this incredible stand up paddle board is definitely worth a try.

From the world-famous manufacturers of paddle boarding equipment named Tower Paddle Boards, this stand up paddle up is surely going to give you the best paddle boarding experience ever.

This high quality stand up paddle board from Tower Paddle Boards will make the paddle boarding experience an unforgettable adventure for you with its rigid and durable body.

Along with that, it is quite portable as well, which means you can store it easily because of its reasonable size and can take it with you to the river for a boarding expedition.

Moreover, this paddle board is available with a two-year manufacturer warranty which covers everything except for normal wear and tear. This means that you can get your money back instantly if you do not find this product very useful or up to the mark.


Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP Package is equipped with a list of marvelous features which can definitely leave you surprised.

Listed below are the most amazing features of this paddle board from Tower Paddle Boards:

  1. Incredibly Rigid Body:

This stand up paddle boardhas an incredibly rigid body, making it ideal for riding on the river. It can feel just like a real hard board when inflated up to the mark. This paddle board can be inflated to the level of 15 PSI, but you can also enjoy the riding experience by inflating the paddle board at 10 PSI as well. It maintains a reasonable weight of 350 lbs. on water, offering you ideal fun.

  1. Amazingly Durable:

This paddle board is intentionally made durable so that you never have to worry about the cracking and wear and tear of the board ever again. It is manufactured from military grade Polyvinyl Chloride, giving it durability and drop stitch construction.

  1. Easily Portable:

With a perfect size of 9 feet 10 inches, this model of stand up paddle board from Tower Paddle Boards is a completely portable one. This means you can store it with perfect ease in your store room, and you can also take with you wherever you go for riding fun.

  1. Unbelievable Package:

After all of these incredible features, you would not believe that the package contains much more than a single paddle board. Along with the board, it also includesa pump and an adjustable three-piece fiberglass paddle. Isn’t that amazing?

  1. Two-Year Warranty:

Along with the amazing deal and long list of features, you can get a warranty of up to two years, which includes pretty much everything except for normal wear and tear so that you can go on riding without worrying about your investment.


The Pros & Cons:

It would not be a complete review without discussing about the pros and cons of the stand up paddle board,so here comes the pros and cons of the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP Package:

The Pros:

Below are listed the pros of this stand up paddle board from the Tower Paddle Boards:

Works like a hard board: Generally, the SUPs are only 4” thick, which makes it difficult for the beginners to ride,but this paddle board has a thickness of 6”, making it easy for riding and controlling even for the beginners.

When inflated fully, it can work as a hard board, giving you ease and comfort without making any compromise on its stability and performance. Due its thickness, it is four times more rigid and has two times more weight capacity.

Durable: While boarding in the river, you have to encounter rocks and docks, which can damage your new paddle board. This particular model is quite durable and can even withstand a run over. You can enjoy riding the board without worrying about it getting broken.

Perfect Size: The size of this paddle board is just perfect, and after it’s deflated, it can easily be stored anywhere.

The Cons:

Expensive: I could not find any other flaw in this paddle board except for its high price. Although the features are worth the price tag, you can find more reasonably priced models from other vendors like Solstice and Keeper Sports.


The particular paddle board model from Tower Paddle Boards is great in every aspect, and if you have no issue with the budget, this product is definitely for you. I would give a 4.5 star rating to it, keeping in mindthe features and the price factor.