Finding a quality stand up paddle board is not easy, especially when you are looking for superior quality for reasonable price. However, now you can get your hands on the most incredible and breathtaking paddle board from Tower Paddle Boards named Tower Xplorer 14’ Inflatable SUP (8” Thick) with Pump and 3 pc. Adjustable Paddle.

This specific stand up paddle board model is available with a high pressure pump for the inflation of the paddle board, along with an adjustable three-piece paddle for easy adjusting according to the length you need for a comfortable riding experience.

This paddle board can hold up to 700 lbs. of weight easily, with the perfect dimensions that allow you to carry it with you without much effort. The stand up paddle board is quite durable and stiff so that it can bear any hard stroke and rough rocks in the rivers easily so you never have to worry about its wear and tear.

This specific model is incredible one for touring and racing because of its amazing speed. You should definitely try this one out if budget is not a problem for you, because it is available for $999 with absolutely free shipping.


Like any other model of stand up paddle board from Tower Paddle Boards, this particular model is also equipped with a plethora of features, making it extremely perfect for riding and touring on the river.

Below are described some of the incredible features of this Tower Xplorer 14’ Inflatable SUP:

  1. Comes With An Adjustable Paddle & A Pump:

Most of the time, you have to purchase the pump separately to fill up the paddle board whenever you are going for an expedition, but with this specific model, a high pressure pump is available absolutely free of cost along with a three-piece adjustable paddle for variable length requirements.

  1. Perfect Specifications:

The dimensions of this particular stand up paddle board is perfect for a beginner as well as for an expert. It is 14’ in length, 32” in width, and 8” in thickness, making it perfectly suitable for every boarding experience. Moreover, it can hold up to 700 lbs. of weight so you can enjoy the ride, even with your loved one as well.

  1. Completely Portable:

When deflated, this paddle board seems just like a sleeping bag so that you can hold it easily and store it anywhere in the house without any trouble. It is completely portable because of this very feature.

  1. Highly Durable:

Like any other paddle board from Tower Paddle Boards, this one is also made from military grade material which is impossible to break. It is totally indestructible and can bear strokes from hard rocks. You do not have to worry about cracks and dings ever again.

  1. Fast Like A Rocket:

Well, obviously not like a rocket, but definitely faster than many paddle boards. It is great for racing because of its amazing speed. You can cover miles in no time with this SUP.

The Pros & Cons:

Let us discuss the pros and cons of this SUP from Tower Paddle Boards:

The Pros:

This stand up paddle board has a number of features which are definitely counted as its merits, and listed beloware some of these pros:

  • Adjustable Paddle: Due to its adjustable paddle, this paddle board can be used by the teenagers and adults alike, as the length of the board can be adjusted.There should not be any issue regarding the height of the rider.
  • Pump: The availability of a pump in the package makes the task of inflating the board much easier. Next time, you do not have to pay to fill the board up before the ride.
  • Durable:This stand up paddle board is made from high military grade material that can last for centuries without wear and tear. It can even withstand run overs when inflated without bursting, making it ideal for riding on the river.
  • Fast: If you need a paddle board for racing or touring and want something that can cover miles in minutes, this model is definitely the best for you, without any doubt. It is made for speed and distance.

The Cons:

  • Price: This one is certainly a con for me, as I do not want such an expensive model. Despite of its amazing features, the price tag seems to be hefty. You can get this paddle board from Amazon at $999, where you can get a board in $500 as well.
  • Too Big:While 14’ is what someone might be looking for, for an average height person, this size is quite big enough. A board having 10’ length would be more than enough.


Overall, the Tower Xplorer 14’ Inflatable SUP is good enough for experienced people, but not recommended for beginners. I would give a 3.5 star review to it because of its expensive price tag and extremely large size.