A familiar brand when it comes to inflatable stand up paddle boards, the XTERRA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board features a 10-foot long touring board that is the newer and smaller version of its 12-foot long predecessor.

This board is compatible for individuals who are 6 feet tall or shorter. Its outer appearance is greatly similar to that of a hard board due to the rounder edges.

Features of the XTERRA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • The product dimensions are 6.5 x 30 x 120 inches
  • Available in red and black
  • Weighs 29 pounds
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Made with military-grade materials and fortified with a rigid drop-stitch and double-sided wall reinforcements
  • Has a wide deck pad to keep you from slipping off the board
  • Has 4 stainless steel D-rings connected by a bungee cord on its nose and another D-ring at the tail end where you can secure yourself with an ankle leash
  • Provides a seamless carrying handle located at the center of the board so you can carry it even when you are alone
  • The package includes a high-pressure pump with gauge, basic repair kit, collapsible paddle made of aluminum, 3 slid-in fins, and a roller bag that can be conveniently converted into a backpack
  • Offers 1 year warranty
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee


  • Durable materials were used in making this product
  • The width of the board is big enough to provide support for the rider who prefers to stand with both feet wide apart for a stronger balance
  • The weight capacity allows the rider to bring someone along without affecting the stability of the board
  • Has a D-ring located at the head and also at the rear part of the board
  • The package includes the basic supplies every paddle boarder must have in order to properly maintain the board
  • The board is not very heavy and can be carried alone
  • Once inflated, the paddle board is stable like a hard board


  • For some people who have reviewed this product, the side straps for the backpack got easily broken
  • The stock paddle that comes with the package was quite entry level for a few people who have tried the product


The XTERRA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers a great package for those who want to have their own set of paddle board equipment instead of renting one.

It comes with all the basic necessities that you will need to start you paddle boarding adventure. The board itself is made of military-grade materials which speak for the durability of the product. It performs well, is rigid and stable.

Additionally, the board has a generous weight limit which allows some flexibility in case the rider would prefer to bring someone along.


The Atlantis Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is also a 10-foot long board, like the XTERRA, that has been gaining popularity over the years. Beginners and more advanced boarders will like this product due to its quality. The board is also made from UV resistant military-grade PVC.

This ensures that the board is sturdy enough to hold up on any water condition. The Atlantis also boasts of a 6-inch thick board that enhances its performance, allowing the board to be able to support a weight capacity of up to 398 pounds.

Unlike other boards that are only 4-inch thick, the added thickness enhances the board’s stability, enabling it to perform better.

Other great features of the Atlantis include a large anti-slip deck pad to help you stand upright, three extra fins for better control of the board, four steel D-rings near the rear area of the board that allows the user to attach a kayak and a convenient carrying case to help you store everything securely. The deck pad is also large enough to accommodate two people at once.

Another paddle board to consider is the SPORTSSTUFF 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard. This 10-foot long paddle board can also be inflated like the XTERRA. It features a large, anti-slip deck pad made of EVA to help secure your footing while riding the waters.

What’s unique about this product is that it includes a removable seat and a board leash when you buy the whole package. The board is lightweight at 27 pounds, but don’t let this keep you from considering this paddle board because it has a weight limit of up to 250 pounds.


The XTERRA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board will give you the best value for your money because of the great offerings that you will benefit from, once purchased.

Aside from the high-quality materials used to make the board, you are also given one year warranty, plus a money-back guarantee in case you find the board not suited to your liking. This gives you more flexibility to weigh your decisions.